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Great in ensuring your web presence matches your brand. Experts in Web UI, giving out the best for your brands.


We can fully manage a brand, sectoring from UI/UX, Security, Sales, Production and More. Accountability and Accuracy is what we speak here.


Security threats has erupted and must be tackled. We can stand in the gap to bring ASSURED SECURITY ones again

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Things to Know
about CodeLoaded

CodeLoaded is an online Web and security company, based in NIGERIA, offering products and services ranging from web design, web development(Server and Applications), Security and management services.
Our products also ranges from tools that will support our service fields but in a much advanced way, like tools to carry also the educational, governmental, fashion, internet, social and security sectors to the next level using one platform.

Our mission is delivering quality services to our clients and general users in an advance setup while making sure there is a positive change for them and securing their privacy.

Our vision is focused at to attaining impactful growth in the lives of our clients and users throughout the human space with a security conscious mindset.

Overall, we believe in improvement. So when it comes to improvement, one must find new advance way(s) of approaching problems with a security mind attached in order to maintain a positive relationship.

All that it takes for a business to achieve it's vision.
We offer from free to premium to personalized services and products that aims to making sure a business grows and reaches it vision without compromising its core values.
We can take a small/startup business online with full assurance of increased growth, whereby we give standard web designs concepts that suits the brand, a development of what tools or setup it needs to run uniquely and how to manage its success & never to defile its users right/privacy (security protocols). We have tools for the general public use as well, which helps to develop individuals or businesses and lots more.

This industry is not found by a single. It was built with a huge school of professionals at what they do. But in that, we have key pioneers at the heart of CodeLoaded, to mention but a few are:
Daniel Uko, a professional web developer and security expert, who explores the world of IoT, Server, UI and Ethical hacking. He seems to sparehead the major projects going on in CodeLoaded now. Others include Joshua Ingya, expert in security and advance web researches, who uses machine and structured learning to trace working development plan, while we have Khalid O. & David S. as also very key factors in the development of our working platforms and tools in the internet space you might have come across.
To answer the Question, when was CodeLoaded founded: It has been existence since 2015 after a union of veterans of tech and the internet space meet to create stunning web projects that will change the way the internet usefulness is reached. But it is branded with the name CODELOADED on the 17 of March, 2020

Our clients are our evidence for what do. We improve & create useful projects. And how we offer to tackle problems brought to us in a mannered, accountable and speedy way.
You can trust us because our clients trust use as well. There is a 100% ground of how we handle our clients and users that will make them live with us forever, in return meeting its dream position in the global space and with an unbiased security.

Yes, you can!
Knowledge is transferrable and we are willing to impact. You can be taught professional skills like programming, web development, machine learning, hacking, data sciencing, server management, mobile softwares development, e.t.c.
Lots more you will see, and not just mere theoritical concepts but you will be hooked with realtime development team in real world production, so as to get a defined understanding on how and why measures are taking to setup, configure or process a platform the way it's suppose to be. This is only but a few investment coins you need to start your career with us.


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  • Powerful interactivity
Web Managment


  • Complete Website Setup
  • Full management
  • Unbiased Security


  • Cyber Recovery
  • Security setup & protection


Stop wasting time and money managing an Online Business that doesn’t get results.
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